Wealth and Prosperity Money Bag Spell

This spell takes advantage of crystals, essential oils and a magic money bag. You can use an existing crystal if necessary. Simply cleanse it. However, you may wish to dedicate a new crystal to use in this particular spell. Some of the ingredients in this spell may be new to you in the work. For example, apple blossom flower essence is perfect for this spell since apples are considered symbols of good luck, fertility, love, healing, and immortality.

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  • Green candle (votive suggested)
  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • Sage or cedar smudge stick
  • 3 drops of apple blossom flower essence oil
  • Small bowl
  • Matches or lighter
  • Pair disposable gloves (optional)

Money Bag Supplies

  • Green, gold or silver (or any combination) drawstring cloth bag
  • Denomination of coins and paper money (1 nickel, 3 pennies, 1 one-dollar bill)
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg powder or whole nut (prosperity)
  • 1 bay leaf (prevent obstructions)
  • 1 teaspoon ginger powder or small root (success)
  • Loose faux diamonds, jewels and gems (available any craft store)
  • Citrine crystal
  • Jade stone

Step One: Gemstones in Magick

The energies of the Earth found in gemstones can connect you to the money energy. Both jade and citrine are money magnets. Cleanse both stones before you start the work. You can smudge the crystals, place them in water underneath a full moon, or use another method.

Step Two: Money and Odd Numbers

You can use other denominations of money if you prefer, such as a five-dollar bill. You want use only odd numbers. For example, you could use three nickels = $.15 or three $1 = $3. However, it’s usually best to keep things as simple as possible.

Step Three: Mix Oils

You want to pour the olive oil into the small bowl. Add the apple blossom essence and slow swirl the two oils in the bowl to blend.

Step Four: Dress Your Candle

Don the gloves (optional) and dip your fingers into the blended oils. Anoint the candle by rubbing oil from the top of the candle to the bottom, in a downward smooth motion. Rotate the candle and repeat until the entire candle has been dressed with oil. Place the candle in the holder and set aside.

Step Five: Light Your Anointed Candle

Light the gold candle and take a moment to visualize how the money you call to you will change your life. Envision how you will use the money and see yourself moving forward in a financially secure lifestyle.

Step Six: Smudge Objects with Cedar Incense

Set each object that is going into your money bag onto your table or altar. You want to smudge these objects before you use them. You can chant or say a prayer as you work.

  • Light the cedar incense stick.
  • Pick up each object one at a time and smudge with the incense.
  • Set each object to the side and proceed to the next one.
  • Smudge the money bag by allowing the smoke to fill the bag and then smudge the outside of the bag.

Step Seven: Place Objects Into Money Bag

The following chant can be repeated as you place each object into the money bag, including the bay leaf. Do this slowly and deliberately, remaining conscious of the power of each item.

“I place this [insert name of object, such as jade stone]
in this money bag so it will protect my finances
and attract money to me,
May it bless me.”

Step Eight: Close Money Bag

Once you have all the items securely inside your money bag, pull the drawstring to close the bag. You can pray, make up a chant or use the one below:

“I seal this money and money objects into my money bag,
Together they will work to attract greater wealth to me,
With this money bag, I call upon the universe to answer my request,
Grant me greater wealth and financial health.”

Step Nine: Finishing Your Spell

You want to allow the candle to burn completely down. Set the money bag by the candle while the spell is completed. You can dispose of anything left of the candle, such as the metal wick anchor however you prefer. Do not add it or anything else to your money bag once it is sealed or you’ll break the spell.

Step Ten: Carry Your Money Bag with You

You want the money bag to remain with you 24/7. Do not open it. After 28 days, you should begin reaping the rewards of your spell. Place the money bag inside a cabinet in your home office that is at least waist high or higher. Do not disturb the bag so it will continue to work for you.https://onlinespellscaster.com/