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Why you need  to cast this spell to Stop Cheating on Your Partner

It is easy to judge cheaters, especially if you were hurt by your partner’s infidelity before. However, cheaters are not necessarily bad people, although they have made decisions that led to hurting their partners. They might not know why they did it, and this makes breaking out of the cycle of cheating all the more difficult.

Cheating is quite common. A study found that one in five people admits to cheating. That number is probably higher since people can be reluctant to admit doing socially undesirable behaviors. Many of them are probably wondering, yourself included, how to stop cheating.

Check out five steps on how to stop yourself from cheating that could help you stop cheating your partner.

1. Identify why it happens

As with any problem in life, understanding the reason for cheating is the crucial step to eradicating it. Ask yourself, “Why am I tempted to cheat?” What precedes cheating behavior patterns? To stop infidelity, you need to comprehend what leads to it.

If you are not sure, consider cheaters’ behavior patterns and see if you recognize yourself is any of them. Cheating can be a way to:

  • Avoid becoming intimate or dependent on someone in a relationship,
  • To punish your partner
  • Escape from a relationship you are not happy in anymore, or
  • Feel the excitement.

2. Understand what you want

How to stop cheating? Understand what purpose cheating has in your relationship. If you are wondering how to stop adultery in my marriage, examine your marriage well.

The hardest question to ask is not how to stop being a cheater; instead,

Why am I choosing to be a cheater?

Does cheating help you stay in a loveless marriage, or is it a step towards leaving it?

Is being addicted to cheating a way to stay and not change anything in the marriage itself, or is it a way to show yourself there is more to life and leave more easily?

Are you doing this to punish your partner for something, or doing this to get something you think is inaccessible in marriage?

How to stop cheating?

Take a good hard look at these questions, especially in the case of repeated infidelity in marriage. When you understand what you desire, you can try to achieve it in another way instead of cheating.

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