Spells to fix a broken relationship

When your relationship is going through rough waters, you can use this spells to fix a broken relationship to someone you care about, you can use this spell to help resolve them This is a very strong and powerful wiccan love spell and if the spell casting is done correctly then this spell can fix your broken marriage, can bring love, happiness in your love, can fix your love relation and bring your lost love back in your life. So remove all the obstacles from your relationship or solve all your relationship problems by my powerful and effective love spells.

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Casting Instructions for ‘To heal a broken relationship’

Draw a heart on the fabric. Cut the fabric in half. Write the name of the people on their own half inside the heart. Then say ”To repair a heart, means to repair a love, these two shall forever be one.” Take the needle and string and slowly sew the halves back together. The whole time focus on how much they will love each other.

For this spell you will need:

A white spell candle
A pink spell candle
A small cauldron or fireproof dish
Matches or a lighter
Pen and paper
Two pieces of string

Our powerful love spells are designed to arouse deep and strong feelings of love for you in your partner so that they get back into the relationship and settle with you.

Is there someone else involved in your relationship? Don’t allow any person to interfere with your relationship and cause you sadness. What you have to do is to uproot that person from your relationship using these powerful love spells. Once you do that, you will have a long lasting relationship filled with the happiness that you have always dreamed of.

It is time bring back your lost lover, improve your love life and let peace reign in your relationship by casting our powerful love spells to heal a broken relationship.

Contact prof mama kizza at spellnativehealer@gmail.com. Call or whatsapp +27734413030

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