Winning a trial requires strength. If you feel you could use some extra strength and faith to overcome a complex process, this spell to win a court case can help you.

Keep in mind that this is a ritual for justice. Using Magic can bring a positive outcome as long as you are being truthful and honest with yourself. If you are trying to get an unfair advantage or manipulate the facts, then this spell might not work for you. Keep reading to learn how to cast a spell to win a lawsuit.

When to cast this spell?

The best time for court case spells is the Waxing Moon 🌔, but you can also do it during a Full Moon. The best day of the week for this justice ritual is Saturday, but you can try it on a different day as well.


What does this spell do?

If you are facing a procedures such as a trial, inheritance, long paperwork, all sorts of blockages and doubts may arise in your mind. These court cases entail financial expenses and energy consumption that can affect you negatively.

Whether it’s a lawsuit or trial, a divorce settlement, a dismissal, or you are getting pensions or compensations, you can cast this spell to win a court case for yourself or for another person as long as you get their permission.

Extra Tips

It is important to do this type of rituals while you are feeling strong and positive 💪, and to visualize and feel that the matter is settled and won. Don’t cast this spell to win a lawsuit if you’re feeling sick, tired, or in a bad mood.

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