Money Spells

There is nothing more frustrating than working very hard and having little to show for it. You keep earning money only to realize that you spend a large chunk of those funds settling bills, and overtime, this can become a very frustrating experience. Have you heard about channelling the right energy from your environment to create a positive financial change? Sounds strange? Fortunately,it is very possible. Good fortune does not happen on it’s own; it requires effort on our part to attract these fortunes with our thoughts and actions.

You can attract money to yourself depending on your thought process and your ability to use ancient Wiccan lore to cast specific money spells.
Wiccan is a religion that has gained massive followership in the world today. Its principles are based mainly on the love for nature and natural elements like water, sun, earth etc. However, there is a popular misconception surrounding Wicca, as some group of people perceives it to be the worship of nature while in actual sense, it is the celebration of nature which involves several nature-inclined rituals.

You must be wondering what these natural rituals are. They are simply a set of prayers that seek divine help in several aspects of life. It is important to emphasize that all rituals must adhere strictly to the Wiccan Reed which says “As it harms none, do as thou wilt.”This means as long as no one is harmed including yourself and any element of nature you are free to undertake any ritual.

Below is a list of some money spells and items needed to cast each spell that could set you on your path to financial freedom;

Money, Money Spell: Green and a white candle, oil, an open mind and quiet space

Money Doubling Spell: Money bill, White envelop, an open mind and a safe and quiet space

Full Moon Money Spell: Full moon, Silver coin, open mind, Calderon of water and a safe place

The first things you have to do before casting a spell is to ensure you are in the right place conducive enough to perform a ritual; most spells are performed on an altar, which serves as a working area for your spells. The main essence of having an altar is to create an environment that prepares you mentally for the spell you are about to cast. The focus is essential when casting money spells as the more focused you are ,the stronger your spells tend to be.

Each spell involves some steps that need to be executed in the right and correct manner using the items listed above. The success of each spell involves constant practice, the more you practice, the more effective the spells become. It is a normal reaction to feel weird initially, but you should not lose focus, with time, the methods will become second nature to you, and you can then channel the full potential of the spells.

So what’s stopping you now? Go out there and find out more about these spells and how they are performed and be on your way to enormous wealth.